Communications and Networking Laboratory

The Communications and Networking Laboratory in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Northwestern University is the home to faculty, students and postdocs studying communication and networking. Our research draws on a wide range of techniques including information theory, communication theory, networking, signal processing, optimization and stochastic modeling to advance our understanding of the theoretical limits of communication systems as well as to design novel algorithms for approaching these limits.

Specific research topics include the following:
Capacity limits and protocols for wireless ad hoc networks.
Market-based approaches for dynamic spectrum sharing.
Limited-feedback communications.
Fundamental relationships of information theory and estimation theory.
Resource allocation and scheduling techniques for wireless networks.
Adaptive signal processing for multiuser communications.
Network economics and diffusions in social networks.

Commnet People
Faculty Michael Honig Randall Berry Dongning Guo Ermin Wei Abraham Haddad (Emeritus) Chung-Chieh Lee Vijay Subramanian (Adjunct)
Ph.D. Students Fei Teng Cheng Chen Xu Chen Chang Liu Tho Ngoc Le Ryan Keating Zhiyi Zhou
Hao Ge Xu Wang Jing Li Hao Zhou Ding Xiang Fatemeh Mansoori Yining Zhu
Post-doctoral Fellows & Visitors Yuanzhang Xiao
Northwestern University Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering
and Applied Science Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department